engaging are words that have been used to best describe Lisa Goodman's voice. Whether telling children's stories, selling high-end products or providing directions, Lisa is a polished and professional voice actor. With affordable rates and a flexible schedule, let Lisa Goodman of A GoodWoman's Voice fulfill all of your voice-over needs.

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Lisa LOVES TELLING STORIES FOR A LIVING!  Those stories can be personal testimonies about her life's journey or to promote products and services she is passionate about to others.  Storytelling is an art-form that allows her to build and create positive energy into the universe.  Lisa truly believes it is her purpose to engage and influence by sharing her passion with others.   

Lisa is a Marketing professional with extensive experience in leading multi-tiered, strategic initiatives that significantly enhance sales revenue. She has a proven track record in executing new product introduction (NPI) and go-to-market (GTM) strategies.  Lisa has successfully managed executive-level, cross-functional teams and customer relationships.  

Both in her professional career and community leadership, Lisa is known as a highly impactful presenter, communicator and leader.  Lisa's lifetime goal is to simply change the atmosphere with the words she speaks, the actions she takes, on the path she creates.


Lisa holds an MBA from Northeastern University and is also a proud wife and mother of 3 children.